Monday, 3 March 2014

Everyone is looking out for new and upcoming mobiles / cell phones. The mobile technology is fast changing and there is a huge change seen everyday. Yesterday we had Samsung Galaxy S3 or Galaxy Gear. But now today there is a lot of changes in the features of the companies mobiles we are using. 

Lets go through the upcoming mobiles with features in short. 

  1. Samsung Galaxy S5: Much buzz about this phone. This cell phone will be released in April 2014 with full of new features like water resistant and more. It will obviously get compared with S3 and S4. It has been announced at MWC 2014.  
  2. YotaPhone 2 : A new concept phone which has 2 displays. In CES 2013, this has won award for innovation. 
    Smartphone Yota Yotaphone Black C9660 Dual Screen (E-ink on Back) 100% Factory Unlocked


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